All of us is aware of the way to make those little smokie crescents however what you won't understand is that using a crock pot to preserve them warm is good. With all the prep that goes into making plans, making ready and serving a vacation meal, having an appetizer that everyone loves already prepared, frees up time for different arrangements. And boy all of us understand approximately wanting to store time in the kitchen.


An appetizer that is this easy might be made first issue after which pop these tasty little smokie crescents into the crock pot, set it to warm and overlook approximately it. properly, if you're like me, every time I walked beyond the crock pot I needed to ‘sample’ those addictive little goodies.

For the most part, these will stay crispy. After hours and hours, they do tend to get a bit soft however I truly doubt that those will last long at all. 

Little smokies are usually the primary appetizer to head at our house. Who doesn’t like these little smokies wrapped all comfortable up in a mini crescent? 

All you need to do is pop open the can, separate the triangles and cut every one into three triangles. So out of 1 roll of crescents, you need to turn out to be with 24 mini crescents. Then roll each little smokie up, region them on an ungreased baking sheet, bake in line with the package deal instructions. once they’re finished put them in the crock pot on warm. That’s it! Presto, extraordinary simple, first-rate delicious!


  • 1 packages little smokies
  • 1-2 packages Pillsbury crescent rolls

  1. Preheat oven to four hundred°
  2. Pop open the crescent rolls and separate each triangle.
  3. reduce each triangle into 3 additional triangle pieces.
  4. Wrap the little smokies and place on an ungreased baking sheet.
  5. as soon as all of the crescents are wrapped, region inside the oven and bake in line with crescent roll directions or until golden brown.
  6. eliminate from oven and location each little smokie crescent into the crock pot, cowl and flip to keep heat.
  7. revel in!

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