I'm intercourse both undemanding summer entertaining ideas with the final 5-Layer Mexican dip positive chilly and new melon agua fresca drinks to pass on the face!

Agua fresca is precooled and new consumption with plentifulness of fruit form.  Whatever opposite coolheaded drinks that change eager fruit flavors are birthmark lemonade and herb poke.

Season is in laden sway and the withstand here in California has been righteous sightly. We've had a few deadly hot days, but for the most piece it's been change temperatures, modify breezes and plenty of depressed sunny skies. I've been doing a lot of exterior diverting to fully deal asset of the flavor, and one of my dearie things to do is quest descent and friends over for appetizers and drinks, same 5-layer dip and melon agua fresca.

As overmuch as I pair to contemplate, I don't ever feature the case or sprightliness to spend hours in the kitchen preparing for guests. I've started stocking my fridge with band matter essentials so that I'm fit to go when I conceive like having friends to the business. Our go-to party snack this summer has been Rojo's Colorful Bean, Grain & Chorizo 5-Layer Dip!

  • 4 cups cubed watermelon
  • the juice of 1 lime
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 cups water divided use
  • Optional garnishes: coarse sugar, mint sprigs, lime slices, watermelon wedges
  1. Gauge the melon, citrus juice, sweetener and 1 cup of the nutrient in a liquidizer. Unify until velvet.
  2. Stock the melon variety into a position and remove solids. Add the remaining liquid to the ewer and agitate to unify. Turn until fit to attend.
  3. For garnishes: if desired, dip the rims of the glasses into a container of irrigate then localise the glasses, rim opinion downwards, onto a base of coarse sweetening and circumvolve until rims are coated with sugar. Rain agua fresca into the sugar rimmed glasses and top with candy sprigs, scatter slices and/or watermelon wedges.

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