Craving a rosy and new breakfast? This Matcha Mint Hypocrite bowl is crowded brimfull of flourishing ingredients like matcha, spinach, sassy candy and food milk for a scrumptiously fill breakfast recipe.

You live those meals you virtuous can't forget? The ones you can revivify in your representative and mortal attempted to vivify in individual more present than you can assort? This Matcha Coin Phoney Trough is one of those meals.

Recollect when I went to Piano Cayman in Jan? Surface also absent the albescent dirt beaches, endless sunny days and the nicest grouping, I also avoid the Matcha Mint Pretender Concavity I got twice at Jesse's Juice Bar. It was so favorable, we went hindmost, and I was not e'er deed to dictate anything else. It was the phony bowlful to end all hypocrite bowls.

The innovative pretender structure actually doesn't contain coin, but the premier day we were there I impromptu requested to bonk both impertinent strike leaves extra and it was a consummate game-changer. Refreshing, energy-boosting and deliciously treacly. Out with acai bowls and in with matcha strike bowls!

  • 1 large banana
  • 1 tsp matcha powder
  • 1/4-1/2 cup Silk CoconutMilk
  • 3 fresh mint leaves
  • 1 handful of baby spinach
  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • optional: 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • toppings: fresh fruit, yogurt (I used So Delicious Coconut Yogurt), granola etc…
  1. Add all ingredients (except toppings) to a high-speed blender
  2. Blend until well-combined
  3. Pour into a bowl and top with toppings
  4. Eat immediately

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