Grilled Banana is a night snack that is usually sold by sellers on the roadside. But there is nothing wrong if you try to make your own banana with different recipes which are certainly more delicious and far more hygienic. Bananas are easy to make because you only need to provide simple ingredients by checking the special Bananas recipe below.


  • Banana kapok or uli banana one comb that is ripe and old, but not soft, peeled
For Sugar Sauce :
  • 100 grams of brown sugar, finely sliced
  • 100 grams of fine sugar
  • 100 cc water
  • Salt to taste
  • Pandan leaves 2 pieces, cut into pieces
  • Coconut half ½ grain, shredded lengthwise
  • Sago flour 1/2 tbsp, melted with a little water
  1. Prepare small charcoal coals. Bake peeled bananas over charcoal until half-baked on both sides. Lift, then dry, spread with butter thinly, then bake again until browned yellow
  2. Sugar sauce: cook both types of sugar with water, stir until the sugar dissolves all and boils, lift and strain. Cook the sugar solution over medium heat again. Add grated coconut and pandan leaves, cook while stirring until well blended and boiling. Add sago solution, stir until boiling again. Turn off the fire
  3. Prepare a serving plate, set the baked banana on top and flush with coconut sugar sauce
Grilled banana is more special with additional sauce which also has a distinctive taste because it is made from brown sugar mixed with a little sugar and grated coconut. Because Grilled banana only without complementary topping sauce will be less special. This banana is delicious as your companion for coffee or tea in the morning and afternoon.

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